Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Developing My Philosophy

I am currently reading Childbirth Education: Practice, Research and Theory. The first chapter deals with the philosophy and roles of the childbirth educator. The authors ask a series of questions to help the reader better understand their own beliefs about childbirth education.

Here are some of my beliefs about childbirth and childbirth education:

1. Childbirth is a normal physiological process, medical intervention is typically not needed.

2. The balance between technology and a woman's natural forces needs to lean more toward reliance on the woman and less on technology.

3. Expectant parents should be allowed to control the birth experience with input from health care providers given only as necessary.

I believe the primary purpose of childbirth education is to prepare parents intellectually and to arm with coping techniques for childbirth.

I believe childbirth education should prepare expectant parents emotionally for the childbirth experience.

I believe that childbirth education should teach expectant parents the importance of clarifying their values about childbirth related issues.

I also believe that every expectant parent should be treated differently based on their specific needs, and that every class should reflect that difference.

I want to refine my philosophy and my beliefs as I continue my education and teach more expectant parents.

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